Is WALL-E really a girl?

WALL-E and EVE hold handsThere was some brouhaha (a great word) that coincided with the premier of the latest Pixar film “Up,” about the fact that Pixar has made ten awesome films but none of them have had a main character that is a female.

Let me put this to you, Linda Holmes and all the other presumptive bloggers that picked up on this: How do you know WALL-E is not a female?

I re-watched the film recently, and unless I am missing something, there is nothing in the film that explicitly details that WALL-E is a male robot. Eve is quite clearly female, yes, but WALL-E could easily be a girl.

So, if I am right about this, then Pixar has not only flipped the whole debate on its ear – since the people making the complaint are the ones who assumed him to be male, because what else could he be? – but they have introduced the first same-sex relationship in a Disney film.

6 thoughts on “Is WALL-E really a girl?”

  1. Wall-e is a girl and eve-ah is a boy. In this movie, when both was sent to repair system, one robot machine drew lipstick to walle watch carefully. So it seems to be walle is a girl.

  2. Neither is male or female, these are terms to describe biological sex.
    Gender is a human invention, social roles assigned to humans after their sex has been determined.

    Since robots are not biological, we can’t determine their sex.
    Since we do not know if in the Wall-E universe there is a robot culture, and what it would entail if there was, we cannot be certain but it seems improbable that robots without sex would have a gender hierarchy like sexually dimorphic humans do.

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