Attention Whovians: “The Angel’s Kiss” is now an actual book

My fellow Whovians, a little reason to celebrate … remember the book that the Doctor was reading in the park during the wonderful mid-season finale, “The Angels Take Manhattan”? The one that turned out to be written by River Song, filled with dangerously accurate information about things that were about to take place, information that could either save or doom our heroes once and for all?

Umm … well, that book doesn’t exist. It still doesn’t. Of course not, and stop being silly.

HOWEVER, there is now an e-book called “The Angel’s Kiss,” and it looks much like the book you see Amy Pond reading in that there picture. But unlike the book in the episode, this one contains no supernatural foreknowledge of things that are about to happen to you. It does not tell you what you are having for lunch tomorrow, or whether or not your Yorkshire pudding will be so tough that you will break your wrist trying to cut through it.

HOWEVER ONCE AGAIN, this e-book is a charming novella (so far, at least, I’ve only just started it) that serves as a prequel to the episode. Even better news is that it is written by Justin Richards, who has written some of the very best Who novels. So if you’re a fan of the show, this is well worth the few quid they are asking.

Bonus challenge: I dare you to read this book and NOT hear it in your head in the voice of Alex Kingston. You can’t do it! Nor should you want to.

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