Radio theater: This is a casting call

This is something I’ve been thinking about and planning for years, and now it is a thing that is happening. And if you’re so inclined and are one of the right persons for the task, you can experience it with me. We are going to restore to its rightful glory the magnificent thing that is radio theater.

Do you see these people? This is Orson Welles and his wonderful Mercury Theatre, rehearsing for their 1938 production of “Treasure Island.” They were at the absolute top of their game, telling stories using only their voices and a few sound effects, and they had people on the edge of their seats, week to week. Several weeks later, this group of people would cause the listening audience to collectively wet themselves when their little production of “The War of the Worlds” was perhaps too convincing, and Mr. and Mrs. North America really thought the Martians had landed.

Radio used to be the killer delivery system for great storytelling. And I think it can be again. I believe, that in a society saturated with screens and tablets and 3D this and IMAX that, the sound of human voices can tell a story better than anything else. I have had this thought banging about in my head for years now, and it’s finally time for me to do something about it. It’s time for kids to beg to stay home on Sunday evenings, decoder rings at the ready. It’s time for adults to sit back and close their eyes and listen to an amazing story. It’s time to make radio theater again.

So, with all that lovely fanfare, the O.S.T. Repertory Theatre is now accepting applications for players. We are looking for a diverse batch of voices, and although acting experience is desirable, it is not required. What is required is a passion for storytelling. Also required: The commitment to rehearsals one night per week, time and location to be determined. Our finished product will take a couple of forms: There will be live performances, but there will also be recordings, podcasts, and other things that are also to be determined.

If you’re interested, please email me ( Let’s make radio magic.

9 thoughts on “Radio theater: This is a casting call”

  1. Sounds interesting. I have been involved the past 11yrs. In local community theatre, so I might be qualified. Sounds fun too.

  2. Sounds incredible. Would love to do some (all?) of these live at my venue! I manage Wicks on New Albany, and we’ve got a primo performance space begging for something awesome to call home. I’d love to talk to you about the possibility!

  3. I have no acting experience but I have a deep baritone and I read as different characters in “Brothers Karamazov” to put my roommates to sleep in college.

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