Down and Nerdy Episode I: What’s your favorite TV finale episode?

Episode I of Down and Nerdy (last week’s debut was episode zero, you might recall) is now a thing for you to enjoy, and we hope you do! We spend the lion’s share of our time talking about TV and movies; specifically, with “True Detective” wrapping up tomorrow night, we’re wanting to know which TV shows that you’ve enjoyed had either the best, or the worst, finale episodes. Listen to the podcast to hear our picks, then please tell us yours in the comments.

We also have a post-mortem on last week’s Academy Awards, a look at the dreadful thing that happened this week with Newsweek and Bitcoin, and a look at what’s on the horizon for new releases in DVD, Blu-Ray and comics.

You can have a listen below, or direct download the show as an MP3 here. We’re working on integrating in the coming days into the WFPL website, as well as into iTunes itself. Thanks for listening!

2 thoughts on “Down and Nerdy Episode I: What’s your favorite TV finale episode?”

  1. Newhart. Not necessarily nerdy, but the Suzanne Pleshette ending in the bed and it was all a dream via The Bob Newhart Show was meta before meta was a thing.

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