Down and Nerdy Episode 035: Bests and Worsts

Today, the gang sits around and does a favorite activity of nerds everywhere – arguing and making lists of the “best” and “worst” things in various categories. And we want you to play along!

So we start out with some basic categories, and then each member of the panel gives their favorite example. We hope you’ll chime in in the comments with your votes in each of these categories:

  • Worst idea for a TV show (also, best idea for a TV show) (ALSO: Rachel totally wins this one. You have to listen to understand the show behind the image at the top of this post. Unreal.)
  • Most disturbing film or moment, and why it’s disturbing
  • Best use of an environment/scenery in a movie or TV show
  • What’s the biggest laugh you ever had in a movie theater?
  • Has a movie or TV show ever made you so mad that you yelled at the screen?

Also, this …

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One thought on “Down and Nerdy Episode 035: Bests and Worsts”

  1. Worst idea for a TV show for me was ALF. That show was horrible.
    Most disturbing moment in a movie for me was in Quest for Fire there was a scene where the more evolved tribe (cro magnun?) was raided by some lesser evolved tribes and the scene cuts to two of them tied to a tree and one of them is missing an arm and is obviously in shock. The camera pans over to the lesser evolved’s feasting on this guy’s arm and Rae Dawn Chong’s character now realizes her fate. Scary.
    The scenery in the movie Excalibur was so reflective of the health and power of Arthur and the kingdom itself; from brilliant sun and blooming cherry blossoms to swampy, dark miasmas.
    I must admit that the last time I laughed out loud at a movie theater was Old School. Will Ferrell.
    Might I suggest that everybody speaks into the mic. I notice some “lean-backs” here and there. Great podcast guys!

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