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Down and Nerdy episode 4: A Very Special Episode

This week we’ve got both sides of the debate over the “How I Met Your Mother” finale, plus our favorite “Very Special Episodes” of all time, and an in-depth roundtable discussion about Wes Anderson’s new film “The Grand Budapest Hotel.”

UPDATE! Rachel did a bunch of research on links for the things we talked about in this episode. I was going to embed them here, but her show notes turned out to be so awesome that I’m just going to include them in their entirety. So here you go! Click away!

Listen below, or download the episode directly.


Down and Nerdy episode 2: Happy birthday, World Wide Web!

The Web turned 25 this week, so our team spends a few minutes talking about the very real ways it has changed the world. We also talk about some of the best things on it right now, notably “Welcome to Night Vale” and Miranda Sings. We’ve also got the “Ban Bossy” campaign on our mind, Rachel’s furious about this week’s episode of “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” and we talk about a bunch of other stuff that Scott kinda intelligently ties together.

Some of the links we discuss in this episode:

You can listen below, or download the MP3 here. Enjoy!


Down and Nerdy Episode I: What’s your favorite TV finale episode?

Episode I of Down and Nerdy (last week’s debut was episode zero, you might recall) is now a thing for you to enjoy, and we hope you do! We spend the lion’s share of our time talking about TV and movies; specifically, with “True Detective” wrapping up tomorrow night, we’re wanting to know which TV shows that you’ve enjoyed had either the best, or the worst, finale episodes. Listen to the podcast to hear our picks, then please tell us yours in the comments. Continue reading


Down and Nerdy returns

Okay, I’m pretty stoked about this … Down and Nerdy is back for version 2.0!

A brief bit of history: Years ago, we did a segment called Down and Nerdy on my Friday morning radio show. Flash forward to 2014, and Down and Nerdy is reborn as an hour-long chat-show podcast. I’m fortunate to have some wickedly smart, interesting and funny people working with me on this, and I hope you have as much fun listening to it as we do recording it. Our panel consists of Kevin Kinsella, Rachel Raphael and Scott Slucher. Like I said, smart, interesting and funny people.

In this week’s episode, we talk about what a great time it is to be a Marvel fan, the pros and cons of binging on television shows like “House of Cards” and “Game of Thrones,” whether modern television is taking the place of the novel in popular entertainment, and whether it’s ethically okay to eat laboratory-grown salami sequenced from the DNA of James Franco.

(Here’s the direct link, if you want to download it so that you can listen while you’re jogging or making a from-scratch pie or suffering through a Wes Anderson movie or something like that.)

(Photo by Mike Mozart. Music by The Faint.)

emo diaries chapter 2

Friday Music Find: Deep Elm Records goes “Name your price”

Deep Elm Records, which turns 20 years old next year, today announced that all 200+ of its albums are available on a “name your price, no minimum” basis: “If you have means please show them love by naming your price. If you do not have any means, in exchange for each download we kindly request that you post, share, tag and tweet to tell your friends about each album as our bands depend on your word of mouth.”

Deep Elm is known for its long-running line of free samplers as well as the series “The Emo Diaries” and “This Is Indie Rock.”

Need somewhere to start? May I suggest the excellent “Low Level Owl” by The Appleseed Cast: