I have written/performed/recorded two ambient/electronic records under the name Whitemoth. Both are offered free of charge, and I hope they bring you some pleasure.


… was designed as a guided meditation, a 24-hour day telescoped into 30 minutes.

“Shikantaza, our zazen, is just to be ourselves. When we do not expect anything we can be ourselves. That is our way, to live fully in each moment of time. This practice continues forever.

So we have enjoyment, we are free, we feel free to express ourselves because we are ready to fade into emptiness. When we are trying to be active and special and to accomplish something, we cannot express ourselves. Small self will be expressed, but big self will not appear from the emptiness. From the emptiness only great self appears. That is shikantaza, okay? It is not so difficult if you really try.” – Shunryu Suzuki

1. sunlight falls through the window at seven oh three 2. the next is never the first 3. it is evening and your heart may rest

Ambient Beethoven Vol. 1: Seven Bagatelles

… is the first of several re-interpretations of classical music in ambient form.

“Even before I rise, my thoughts throng to you, my immortal beloved!–sometimes full of joy, and yet again sad, waiting to see whether Fate will hear us. I must live either wholly with you, or not at all. Indeed I have resolved to wander far from you till the moment arrives when I can fly into your arms, and feel that they are my home, and send forth my soul in unison with yours into the realm of spirits. Alas! it must be so! You will take courage, for you know my fidelity. Never can another possess my heart–never, never!

“Your love made me the most happy and yet the most unhappy of men. At my age, life requires a uniform equality; can this be found in our mutual relations? My angel! I have this moment heard that the post goes every day, so I must conclude, that you may get this letter the sooner. Be calm! for we can only attain our object of living together by the calm contemplation of our existence. Continue to love me. Yesterday, to-day, what longings for you, what tears for you! for you! for you! my life! my all! Farewell! Oh! love me forever, and never doubt the faithful heart of your lover, L.

Ever thine.
Ever mine.
Ever each other’s.” – July 7, 1800

1. no. 1 in E flat major 2. no. 2 in C major 3. no. 3 in F major 4. no. 4 in A major 5. no. 5 in C major 6. no. 6 in D major 7. no. 7 in A flat major

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  1. Hi my name is Jake Smith. I live in louisville, ky and I was browsing the internet and ran into your radio stations website. I was wondering if the radio station had in kind of “foot in the door” opportunities as far as a job. I have always wanted to work at a radio station and Im looking for a way that i can get started. Let me know if you ever get this …. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Jake Smith

  2. You’re an onion, cochise. Many layers but you still smell. Seriously though, I look forward to Downandnerdy every Friday and I’m glad I found this site too. I have a Pappy Van Winkle 20 yr collecting dust and I’d gladly pour one for you.
    Keep it Nerdy

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