Down and Nerdy Episode 033: That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

Here’s the documentary that we all tried to watch for this week’s discussion. I made it about 25 minutes, Rachel made it 45.

Then we (accidentally?) segue into a much more interesting discussion about whether it’s okay to laugh at things that we laughed at when we were younger. In this particular instance, Monty Python … very funny, but viewed with a 2014 lens, very racist in places. Is it okay to laugh at things the way you did when you were younger and the world was different?

We try not to be so heavy, I promise you. But it just happens. Download the MP3 here, or listen via the widget below.


Down and Nerdy episode 31: One Small Step for Mad Men

We’re back from break, and let me tell you, if you watch Mad Men, you definitely want to download this episode – we’ve got a thorough analysis of the season 7 mid-season finale that you will not want to miss. We also mourn the death of Saturday morning TV, talk about the Space X program, and share our favorite binge-watches.

Listen via the player below, or download the MP3 directly for use at your leisure and discretion!