The Majency Oracle

The Majency Oracle is a 169-card deck of original prompts or “matches” to spark the imagination of writers, poets, or any creative individual that needs inspiration.

The deck is designed to be printed on any color printer, on standard 3×5 index cards. It features a variety of color schemes and background images to create a unique experience each time a card is drawn.

Each card contains a single phrase designed to prod the creative mind down a path of its own. It might be a snippet of dialogue that suggests an overheard conversation; it might be a fragment of a description of a visual scene, one that could lend itself to a depiction in paint or prose. It could point to things waiting to be created, as small as a short story or as large as a mythology.


Download the deck by clicking here. After extracting the archive, you’ll find a brief readme file and the PDF file of the deck itself.

Page 1 of the PDF file is the optional backer (seen above). While this adds color and continuity to the deck, it does burn through a lot of ink. Omit if you care to. Or, if you’d like to have backers but don’t want to use that much ink, download the lite version, which omits the solid blocks of color and the background patterns on the face of the cards.

Page 2 is the copyright notice.

The deck proper begins on page 3, with one card per page.


There are as many methods and procedures for using this kind of tool as there are grains of sand on the beach. Okay, perhaps not that many … but the use of random elements to spark the imagination is a cherished tradition.

Some folks use the Tarot deck as a way to jog imagery and ideas out of the dormant creative mind. Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies is a legendary deck of visual and textual prompts. Countless books and decks offer “story starters,” and none of them work in sequential fashion – all are based around the idea that the right idea must strike the creative person at the right time.

To that end, whether you use the Majency deck or some other tool, I advocate building your own ritual. Get as fancy or remain as simple as you like: for you it might be a quiet room, a glass of bourbon and incense. For someone else, the deck can be shuffled and offer up an idea on a busy bus ride.

Whatever the case, use the random nature of cards to your advantage. Clear your mind of preconceived ideas about what you are going to write or create. Visualize a blank slate. Shuffle the deck, and draw a card. Take the phrase that is on that card, and allow it to ruminate in the clear space of your mind.

Then turn your attention to your own blank slate. What do you see going there? What will you put there?


All of the contents of the Majency Oracle are written by and copyrighted by me, James Bickers. You’re welcome to use the deck to help with your creative endeavors, and I hope it brings you much success and joy. You can print out as many copies as you like and give them to anyone you think might enjoy it.

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